International Workshop

«MASTER Global Robotic Net  »

to the 10th anniversary of MASTER project


August 13-18, 2012

Ten years ago it was realized that robotic observatories boost the capabilities of astronomical observations of non-stationary and short-lived phenomena in the Universe. Such facilities built throughout the world allowed to discover and study the prompt mission of the most powerful explosions the gamma-ray bursts. Hundreds of supernovae were detected as well which enabled to infer the existence of the energy of the cosmic vacuum. Additionally, the robotised telescopes discover thousands of new minor bodies of the solar system and many of exoplanets. 

The first Russian robot-telescope MASTER was developed in 2002 and installed nearby Moscow. It appeared not only scientifically fruitful but also useful as an effective platform for methodology and technical studies devoted to optimise the use of small robotized telescopes of which the most essential is the unique software needed for automated multipurpose astronomical observations.

In SAI MSU net of telescopes, that allows to solve the problems described above, was developed. OAO MO "Optica" has mastered the production of such systems.

The workshop is devoted to the results achieved by MASTER-net, that recently stretch over the globe from Blagoveshensk to Argentina.