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Energetic Death of Massive Stars

The event will focus on the most energetic explosions following the collapse of massive stars, Supernovae and GRB. Main topics include: the latest stages of stellar evolution and explosion models, progenitors of GRBs, emission models and theory, multimessenger observations of GRB, SN and their remnants, the formation of early objects in the high redshift universe (Pop III stars, primordial BHs) and related studies, the use of GRB and Supernovae as beacons for cosmology and evolution of large scale structures from the high redshift to the local universe, their role in the cosmo-chemical evolution of the Universe, present and future instrumentation relevant to the field.


Organizing Committee
  Roger Chevalier (Virginia Univ., US), Alessandra Corsi (George Washington Univ., US), Anne Decourchelle (CEA, F), Neil Gehrels((GSFC/NASA, US), Jochen Greiner(MPE, D), Dieter Hartmann (Clemson Univ., US), Nobu Kawai (Tokyo Institute Technology, J), Chryssa Kouveliotou (MSFC/NASA, US), Vladimir Lipunov(Moscow State Univ., Russia), Elena Pian(Oss. Astron. Trieste/INAF, I), Eleonora Troja(GSFC/NASA,US)

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