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Опубликована статья "The first gravitational-wave burst GW150914, as predicted by the scenario machine" (Липунов и др.) в журнале New Astronomy (2017, NewA, 51, 122L)

"In this paper Lipunov et al revisit the prediction of 19 years ago (published in Astronomy Letters, in New Astronomy and in the MNRAS) and recalculate the predicted LIGO/VIRGO detection rates, using an updated version of the Scenario Machine program and the updated sensitivity parameters of Advanced LIGO. This is a useful addition to the earlier predictions, showing that the recent Belczynski et al (2016) Nature paper - which might give the impression to be original - is not so original, as its basic elements and conclusions were already present in the above-mentioned papers of 19 years ago. (Strange that neither the referees of Nature nor the writer of the accompanying News and Views article in Nature seem to have realized this). In view of the above, it is important that the present paper is published."

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