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MASTER OT J004207.99+405501.1/M31LRN 2015 Luminous Red Nova in M31: Discovery, Light Curve, Hydrodynamics, Evolution



this manuscript is accepted for publication


 ref. MN-16-0520-MJ.R2,




We report the discovery and multicolor (VRIW) photometry of
a rare explosive star MASTER OT
J004207.99+405501.1 - a luminous red nova - in the Andromeda
galaxy M31N2015-01a. We use
our original light curve acquired with identical MASTER Glo
bal Robotic Net telescopes in one
photometric system: VRI during first 30 days and W (unfiltered
) during 70 days. Also we added
publishied multicolor photometry data to estimate the mass
and energy of the ejected shell, and
discuss the likely formation scenarios of outbursts of this
type. We propose the interpretation of the
explosion, that is consistent with the evolutionary scenar
io where star merger is a natural stage of the
evolution of close-mass stars and may serve as an extra chann
el for the formation of nova outbursts.


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