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MNRAS, "First gravitational-wave burst GW150914: MASTER optical follow-up observations" publishied

"First gravitational-wave burst GW150914: MASTER optical follow-up observations" publishied in MNRAs (Impact-Factor=5)




Global MASTER Robotic Net sites and LIGO interferometers (both in the USA), which were involved in the LIGO GW150914 event investigations. Information about each MASTER-Net observatory is available in Table 1.


Lipunov, V. M.; Kornilov, V.; Gorbovskoy, E.; Buckley, D. A. H.; Tiurina, N.; Balanutsa, P.; Kuznetsov, A.; Greiner, J.; Vladimirov, V.; Vlasenko, D. et al.



The Advanced LIGO observatory recently reported the first direct detection of the gravitational waves (GWs) predicted by Einstein & Sitzungsber. We report on the first optical observations of the GW source GW150914 error region with the Global MASTER Robotic Net. Between the optical telescopes of electromagnetic support, the covered area is dominated by MASTER with an unfiltered magnitude up to 19.9 mag.


Complete map of the sky survey carried out by the MASTER robotic telescope net at the time of the GW150914 observation, from 2015 September 14 to 22. Each field (marked with a green square) was observed at least three times and covers 4 deg2 of the sky down to a limiting magnitude of 19–20 mag. The colour palette indicates the LIGO GW150914 probability distribution over the sky. The probability is nowhere zero, and, therefore, any field can be considered. The blue asterisks show the OTs discovered by MASTER during the inspections of the LIGO error box and are described in the paper. Details are presented in Table 3.


We detected several optical transients, which proved to be unconnected with the GW event. The main input to investigate the final error box of GW150914 was made by the MASTER-SAAO robotic telescope, which covered 70 per cent of the final GW error box and 90 per cent of the common localization area of the LIGO and Fermi events. Our result is consistent with the conclusion (Abbott et al. 2016a) that GWs from GW150914 were produced in a binary black hole merger. At the same time, we cannot exclude that MASTER OT J040938.68?541316.9 exploded on 2015 September 14.


Positions of MASTER OTs compared with the Fermi error box (the blue line), Fermi Earth shadow (the black line) and the LIGO error region (the colour palette). The colour palette represents the probability distribution in the initial LIGO error region. The green boxes show the distribution of the areas covered by MASTER-Net during the inspection of the GW150914 error region. This diagram shows only the fields with probability greater than 1 × 10−8. The red asterisks indicate the OTs discovered by MASTER during the LIGO error box inspections. These transients are described in detail in the paper and marked with a bold font in Table 3. The light blue (cyan) circle shows the Large Magellanic Cloud region.






2017, MNRAS., 465, 3656L


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