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ОСА, Gravitational Waves in the World of Tomorrow, R.Baker

Gravitational Waves in the World of Tomorrow

Baker Robert M l

Lecture on  a brief  history of gravitational wave research with stressing High-Frequency Gravitational Waves (HFGWs)  
A discussion of the history of High-Frequency Gravitational Wave research is presented. Starting with
the first mention of Gravitational Waves by Poincare in 1905 and the definition of High-Frequency
Gravitational Waves (HFGWs) in 1961 by Robert L. Forward, the discussion continues concerning the
international research effort over the years until modern times. Highlighted are the accomplishments of
HFGW researchers in China, Russia, England, Australia, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United
States. Comparisons are made with Low-Frequency Gravitational Wave (LFGW) research, especially
concerning the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Observatory or LIGO. It is concluded that those
interested in the research and development of High-Frequency Gravitational Waves should be guided by
the LIGO approach for Low-Frequency Gravitational Waves (LFGWs) research, which involved
$625,000,000 US funding and well over 21 years of Research and Development.


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