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GRB190114C : МАСТЕР обнаружил оптический источник


MASTER OT J033801.17-265646.73 - optical counterpart of Swift GRB190114C




MASTER-IAC robotic telescope (Global MASTER-Net:
http://observ.pereplet.ru, Lipunov et al., 2010, Advances in Astronomy,
vol. 2010, 30L) located in Spain (IAC Teide Observatory) was pointed to
the  GRB190114.87 25 sec after notice time and 47 sec after trigger time
at 2019-01-14 20:57:51 UT. On our first (10s exposure)  set we  found 1
optical transient within SWIFT error-box (ra=54.5042 dec=-26.9383 r=0.05)
brighter than 16.54.

  T-Tmid      Date      Time       Expt.        Ra                Dec
       52   2019-01-14 20:57:51      10   (  3h 38m 01.17s , -26d 56m 46.73s)    11.21

The 5-sigma upper limit has been about 16.54mag
The message may be cited.

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