Incomplete list of participants

       1. Bisnovatyi-Kogan G.S. «Relativistic stellar clusters»
       2. Blinnikov S.I. «The favorite problem of YaB and the Zel'dovich number»
       3. Gnedin Yu.N. «Investigation of vacuum polarization in strong magnetic fields of neutron stars: Zel'dovich ideological impetus»
       4. Dolgov A.D. «The Gerstein-Zeldovich limit and modern restrictions on neutrino mass»
        5. Doroshkevich A.G. «Beyond the limits of the LambdaCDM cosmology»
        6. Illarionov A.F. Title is discussed
        7. Imshennik V.S. Title is discussed
       8. Karachentsev I.D. Title is discussed
       9. Zakharov A.F. «Supermassive black hole in the Galactic center and possible alternatives»
       10. Komberg B.V. «Memoirs»
     11. Kompaneets D.A. Title is discussed
     12. Kurt V.G. «CMB spectral distortions during the recombination of primal plasma in the early Universe»
     13. Lipunov V.M.
«MASTER Global Robotic Net: «experimental relativistic astrophysics» 
     14. Lukash V.N. «From Zel'dovich-Gliner vacuum to the dark energy»
     15. Nadezhin D.K. Title is discussed
      16. Novikov I.D. «Some unusual ideas in our books with Ya.B. Zel'dovich»
     17. Polnarev A.G. «Polarization of CMB generated by Cosmological Gravitational Waves»
      18. Rothman A.R.
Title is discussed
      19. Rudenko V.N. «Zel'dovich as the initiator of gravitational wave research (in Russia and in the world)»
      20. Ruzmaikin A.A. «A game of chance»
      21. Ruzmaikina T.V. Title is discussed
      22. Sazhin M.V. «Discovery of cosmological gravitational waves in the experiment by measuring polarization»
      23. Starobinsky A.A. «Creation of particles and metric perturbations in cosmology»
      24. Sokolov D.D. «Dynamo - from astrophysical models to the laboratory experiment»
     25. Sunyaev R.A.
Title is discussed
     26. Cherepashchuk A.M. «Black holes in binary systems and galatic nuclei»
     27. Chernin A.D. «Dark energy in the nearby Universe;
     28. Chechetkin V.M. «The theory of supernova explosions»
     29. Khlopov M.Yu. «Cosmoparticle physics - fundamental relationship of Cosmology and Particle Physics»
     30. Shakura N.I. «Quasi-spherical accretion onto magnetized neutron stars»
     31. Byalko A.V. «Ya.B. Zel'dovich and the Landau Institute»
     32. Shukurov A.M. «Galactic dynamo»